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Fellaini and Huth charged after clash

Tue, 2016-05-03 15:51
Manchester United's Marouane Fellaini and Leicester's Robert Huth are charged with violent conduct by the Football Association.

VIDEO: How the world viewed Leicester's win

Tue, 2016-05-03 15:30
From Egypt to Malaysia, the world reacts to Leicester's premier league title win.

VIDEO: Olympic flame arrives in Brazil

Tue, 2016-05-03 15:14
The Olympic flame has arrived in Brazil for the start of a torch relay that will culminate with the opening of the Olympic Games in Rio in August.

MP Shah to 'stand aside' from committee

Tue, 2016-05-03 14:48
MP Naz Shah "stands aside" from the Commons Home Affairs select committee "until current matters are resolved".

Rock legends to play US 'mega-festival'

Tue, 2016-05-03 14:44
A festival featuring Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan is confirmed for the US in October.

Tolkien-annotated Middle-earth map sold

Tue, 2016-05-03 14:38
Oxford's Bodleian Libraries publishes pictures of a Middle-earth map, from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, annotated by JRR Tolkien himself.

Farage: UKIP to win five seats in Wales

Tue, 2016-05-03 14:16
Nigel Farage predicts UKIP will win at least five seats on the Welsh Assembly as part of a UK-wide "breakthrough" in Thursday's polls.

UK-led satellite to 'weigh' forests

Tue, 2016-05-03 13:18
British industry is to lead the construction of the Biomass satellite which will use an innovative radar instrument to essentially weigh all the world's trees.

How did 'oversight' get two opposite meanings?

Tue, 2016-05-03 13:14
How did "oversight" get two opposite meanings?

WoW opens door to private server team

Tue, 2016-05-03 13:14
After shutting down the Nostalrius private server, the World of Warcraft developer invites the team to talks.

Has Craig Wright proved he is Satoshi?

Tue, 2016-05-03 13:11
Craig Wright may have claimed to be the man behind Bitcoin, but does his evidence prove it?

Mother has 10 children taken into care

Tue, 2016-05-03 13:02
Ten children from the same mother have been taken into care over the last decade, a court hears.

Google given access to patient records

Tue, 2016-05-03 12:59
Google has signed an agreement with the Royal Free London NHS Trust to gain access to data of hundreds of thousands of patients.

Equal prize money at 2017 Squash Worlds

Tue, 2016-05-03 12:34
The 2017 men's and women's World Squash Championships will have equal prize money for the first time.

Campaign focus on jobs and education

Tue, 2016-05-03 12:28
Jobs and education are the focus of the penultimate day of campaigning for the Holyrood election.

Hillsborough-row force names new boss

Tue, 2016-05-03 11:54
South Yorkshire Police appoints its second interim chief in a week following the fall-out from the Hillsborough inquests.

VIDEO: New Zealand police in 'running man' video

Tue, 2016-05-03 11:43
A video from the police in New Zealand shows the officers in a new light.

Exam papers replaced after 'leak'

Tue, 2016-05-03 11:39
Exam papers for this year's Higher English tests have had to be replaced at short notice amid concerns some questions were leaked.

EU executive 'to back' Turkey visa deal

Tue, 2016-05-03 11:17
The European Commission will back visa-free travel for Turkish citizens, sources tell the BBC, but the deal still needs European Parliament backing.

Ghostbusters trailer 'most disliked'

Tue, 2016-05-03 11:13
The promo for the new Ghostbusters film has attracted more "dislikes" than any trailer shown on the YouTube website, official figures show.