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Originally Posted by Delsol View Post
Wow, beer and whiskey! I've heard red wine has health benefits, and beer is good for nursing mothers, but the whiskey is surprising!
To be rigorous:

The CDC threshold reccomendations for wine are:
-2 drinks gentlemen max per day
-1 drink ladies

The quantities are halved for whiskey. Ladies should drink accordign to such guidelines no more than half a glass of whiskey per day,

Further: recent literature tends to confirm some health benefits of alcohol within such thresholds.
Some other respected doctors refute such alleged protection.
Also, ladies suffer some hormonal change due to alcohol, specifically testosterone is released which may increase breast cancer hazard.

And alcohol is synergistic with smoke as far as cancer goes. The two together are a killer combo (meaning: probability of cancer occurance is significatively increased)

One example of ultra centenerian who drank whiskey means nothing probabilistically. Also, hypothetically I might reason that the NJ lady might have hit 125 years instead than simply 112 by avoiding alchol.
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