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This is one of the best threads I've read in awhile. Yogagirl...a wine that gets gentle classical music played to it for a year?!?! That cracked me up. The improbable things people will think of.

Anyway what I've read of Yogananda seems to always say avoid alcohol as one of the worst sins (sex, money, and wine) so I never thought a small amount might be beneficial.

I was in Alanon for over a decade and still go on occasion. I am aware of the idea that it's poison to people with an addiction. However I came to believe all things can be healed...and actually Yogananda talks a lot about will, determination, and self-control. So I no longer think of it like an allergy that a person will have forever. Even our darkest "sins" can be removed through the grace of God. We can be completely well.

Anyway good to be on here and check in with y'all. Take good care, and don't drink too much 😊
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