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I have been thinking along the same lines today. I have come to the conclusion that things happen at the time they are supposed to and can't be forced. Does that mean not meditating? No. You can meditate for relaxation for sure. Just that will anything happen? God knows.

As for letting go and letting God, God knows.

To get the relaxation response *(Herbert Benson), you choose a word like God or Love or anything you desire, repeat it in your mind and when you notice you are off that word you gently bring your mind back to it again and again, without strain. It should start getting "fuzzy" sounding in your mind, and then you "wake up" to that and concentrate on the word again, very gently. Don't move the body at all for 20 minutes in a comfortable position to you.

That usually produces a very nice state of relaxation. If you have to work up to 20 minutes start out for 5 minutes and work your way up. Don't do more than 20 minutes. Near the end take some time to come out of meditation without using your special word. This is important.

Give it a shot and report back if you like.
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