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Originally Posted by yogagirl View Post
Another thought:
I didn't use to pray much, but now it's my favourite thing.
Anything that is an obstacle for you, one can usually find a little affirmation from Yogananda that one can say regularly. Gradually, as your will-power, third-eye chakra opens up, you'll find praying and saying afffirmations will gradually become easier.(Have just given away my affirmations booklet,) but if you feel insecure about letting go, just afirm that you are safe and surrounded by peace, if you feel sad, surrounded by joy - Yogananda has given us a wealth of great prayers, affirmations and meditations.

If you prefer, since you are a great doer, maybe take time to offer what you do unto Him. That is meditation in action, mindfulness or karma yoga. Not necessarily stopping the action, but just remembering to say in your mind that the action is for God and Guru.
I started praying yesterday and found myself using language like "shall" a lot, a long prayer of surrender and it was actually quite enjoyable! I used to feel at a loss for words so I didn't pray but strangely enough I found I had quite a lot to say and surprised myself. It is certainly something I plan on doing more of. And as you said, PY gave a lot of prayers. Whispers for Eternity is one of my favourite books.
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