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Originally Posted by Heidi View Post
Thanks, Yogagirl. And yes, I carry Whispers from Eternity with me everywhere. The scientific affirmations book--was that created by Yogananda in that form, or was that compiled from various writings after his death?

I wish there was just one complete set of Yogananda's writings, from start to finish, that I could just buy, rather than bits and pieces of things from different places put together or borrowed to make other books. I know there is a series of three (I have the Divine Romance) that is a basic collection but as far as the others some of them are sometimes condensed versions of things. Anyway, maybe one of you will know about the affirmations book.

Funny, today I got through more of the Energization Exercises than ever before...also received The Holy Science in the mail...and saw the news that Mrinalini Mata has died.

Love to all.
SHA was written and published in PY's early years in the USA. It isn't selective quotations made after his death. If the modern version of SHA is edited with additional selective quotations I wouldn't know. I don't think it is.
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