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Your situation could be a function of your innately developed gunas and/or your diet. I know people in my family who are a couple of generations older than me, yet they have more physical energy than me. They are wonderful and good people who just happen to have a very strong Rajasic guna developed from previous lives. This is not a bad thing, in fact, it is a very admirable position to be in. It is like Arjuna. Arjuna is the ideal yogi and the chakra that Arjuna represents, the swadisthana chakra at the navel is of utmost importance on the spiritual path, for it separates the spinal chakras from the lower to the higher, functioning as a gateway to moving the energy to the higher chakras. In "God talks with Arjuna", Guruji asks the devotees to be Arjunas (it is either in the end of the book or in his letter/testimony/prologue at the end).

Embrace your nature. You may have many fire elements in your natal chart that also support this rajasic quality. Ensure your diet is more sattvic than rajasic or tamasic - that means, vegetarian or as close to being vegetarian as possible. Ensure that your activities are sattvic. As was mentioned above by someone, even when doing non-meditative activities, transform them into sattvic activities by bringing the thought of God and Guru into those activity. Perhaps even when you can't let go of performing an activity, just spend 1 minute in meditation before starting the activity and then end the activity with another minute in meditation. By doing this, if you did 10 little activities that you couldn't let go off in a day, you would have still spend 20 minutes in meditation. Also read about Arjuna and about the swadisthana chakra in the GTWA, and reflect upon why Guruji urged devotees to be like Arjuna. I would recommend also reading that part in GTWA where Guruji asks us to be Arjunas.
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