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Originally Posted by Heidi View Post
Hello all,
Thanks for the recent thoughtful responses to this question. I think you are right about doing more exercise! It's finding that balance...I'm still kind of an uptight person and can find it hard to relax. BUT I've had some major changes in my life including a move to higher elevation (just over 6,000 ft) and a job change, and all this affects how I function. I actually seem to have a harder time "meditating" the way I used to but sometimes just sitting not even approaching meditation of any kind is what I can do. Not really praying, not processing, not doing much of anything except....well. Except. I figure this is a start.

It's good to see some activity on this board and to hear you thoughtful, kind comments. Blessings to all.
Blessing to you as well Heidi
Don't worry about the up-tight part too much, in time it will improve, be patient with yourself. When I look back at my journey, since I started in SRF, a lot has improved, much more relaxed now!
Everything in the future will improve if you are making a the spiritual effort now.
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