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Hey everybody.
I havnt participated for a while but I am having some real trouble with this bit of karma I have seemed to have acquired through incarnations and this present one and I'd love to get some devotee perspectives.
I have been married now for three years to my wife who is also a devotee.
I consider my marriage to be a truly God ordained one. A marriage based off of divine love and spiritual ideals.
Those things considered, I still find myself battling intense jealousy and fear of rejection. I find myself constantly obsessing about if my wife is harboring desires for others and if she still finds me desirable. When we talk she often gets frustrated because she reassures me this isn't the case, but my paranoia gets the better of me and I end up trying the get the nitty gritty details about her thoughts and feeling. I wonder if occasional fantasizing about others is just a normal enevitability in any relationship, or if this signifies a deeper problem.
Of course, as Master says, jealousy can deteriorate a relationship so you can understand my fears of doing that as well.
Does anyone have some suggestions and insights to this crippling emotion and type of consciousness? Thanks and blessings.
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