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Triguybos, wise counsel indeed. Those things you spoke of I understand intellectually and faithfully though I am prone to forget my faithful understanding of it more often. I think we will go on a retreat together, separately. We both talked recently with Sister Brahmani at our temple and she gave incredible insight as to the psychology behind these thoughts. I've gained an understanding of this I hadn't previously had. She also counseled that it's "the wise ones" that go to therapy when needed so I think I will pursue that avenue as well for some more "tools" to help us both deal, and understand more fully the psychology of it. I love what you said about learning to love the one your with AS THEY ARE. Not putting on them them a fantasy ideal that's in your head about how you "want" them to be but accepting the karma we both face as a team.
I will continue to strive for the higher wisdom that allows a "direct correspondence with reality" as Our Master says. And I see that it is God that is showing us that it is Him alone that is our perfect comfort and companion. Thank you and Blessing to you and your Wife.

Mccoy, you were right I belive that my reaction wasn't so excessive. Sister confirmed that as well, which gave me a validation of feeling that was very cool comforting. Though after talking we the wife one on one she also felt that the issues arnt as dire as my mind likes to make it out to be. It is just clear that real effort needs to be made on both our parts so we don't let this thing get to far out of hand. She indicated that my wife entered marriage early and her teenage years were fraught with problems at home which probably stunted that developmental stage most teenagers go through at that time with friends and boys etc. apparently this isn't uncommon for people to skip stages of development or go through them out of order. This understanding of this has freed me a great deal of thinking it's something IM doing or that I can't be for her. These things naturally come about if your development is stunted at various stages. Sure, it still is quite difficult to deal with but that is life no? So onward and upward!
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