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Biofeedback Technology / Alpha Brain Wave Training

This is a fascinating modern scientific approach to mimicking (partly) what religious prayer and meditation results in - alpha wave activity in the brain. I listened to this on the radio and the founder kept mentioning the Autobiography and Master Yogananda - he's examined closely in his research. Found it interesting enough to check out their website to further assess.

This is supported by peer reviewed publications based on these methods, indirectly validating the foundation of religion - prayer and meditation. Tones, a forgiveness program (actions resulting in reducing one's own "I-ness" or false identity with the body or ego), thus being able to tap into one's own true-er nature and all that comes with it.

He's been studying the meditation adepts, to mimic effects using biofeedback method, as opposed to the inside work and methods performed in religious format and all the inner transformation that takes place with circulating prana/light, etc. I see this mostly as a scientific validation of meditation practice.

Obviously there are limitations as well and this is not to replace one's Master/Dharma, but possibly complement. For people who don't want to spend "21-40" years in Zen Meditation, and have the money, they can go to this retreat and get the outside stimuli to help achieve some of the effects of meditation. On one hand, his studies validate the effects of religious practices, on the other hand, he is doing this for handsome profit from the studies, and not the usual donation basis and what people can afford.

I think he has a chamber you go into, which helps oxygenate the blood for purpose of reducing need to breath, a core condition to reach for "samadhi" or realization of oneness with the Greater Spirit/God in deep meditation. There's other factors, the kundalini energy awakened and such, an all that comes with that, and it will vary with each individual. But the nature of this program, is interesting as it mimics religious and tries to get even a bigger shortcut to "enlightenment". There are known techniques to achieve this (breathlessness) from yoga traditions, that don't require outside stimuli, but might require years of effort and change in diet program.

"Dr. James V. Hardt, President and founder of Biocybernaut Institute, joined Dave Schrader to discuss how people can change their lives through Biocybernaut Alpha Feedback, experiencing powerful new bursts of creativity, emotional renewal, and even spiritual epiphanies. Hardt shared his own experiences with early biofeedback technology which allowed him to travel out-of-body, fly around the universe, and encounter discorporate beings. There is a certain brainwave pattern that allows one to see angels and other astral plane beings, he revealed."

A group of Stanford Research Institute scientists were tested on a variety of measures before and after alpha brain wave training. The scientists in the experimental condition who were given alpha brain wave training experienced statistically significant increases in a standard measure of creativity. The scientists also experienced a statistically significant decrease in subjective stress and physiological stress.

Subjects who were either high or low in trait anxiety used alpha feedback to increase and to decrease their electroencephalographic alpha activity. The alpha changes were tightly linked to anxiety changes, but only in high anxiety subjects (for whom anxiety was reduced in proportion to alpha increases, and was increased in proportion to alpha suppression). Low trait-anxiety subjects were superior at both enhancement and suppression training, but their alpha changes were not related to anxiety changes. These results suggest that long-term alpha feedback training (at least 5 hours) may be useful in anxiety therapy.

"Participants engaged in 7 days of alpha brain wave training. A previous study measured the brain waves of beginners, intermediate, and advanced zen meditators. The brain waves of the participants in the study were compared to the brain waves of zen meditators at each level of experience. Brain wave patterns found only in Zen meditators with 21-40 years of meditation experience were found in participants after their 7 days of alpha brain wave training. Zen meditation, Yogic meditation, and neurofeedback training are compared. Neurofeedback is closer to Zen meditation than Yogic meditation."

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