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Don't Mistake Understanding for Realization

For those who have the time - found this to be an intelligent clip, a good reminder (especially for busy householders) of what is what, though of course Master explains such things better. (grin)

PANEL: The Three Simultaneously True Levels of Nondual Reality; Don't Mistake Understanding for Realization, Don't Mistake Realization for Liberation.

Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview
Panel Discussion -- John Hagelin, Ph.D., Igor Kufayev, and Mark McCooey. Moderated by Rick Archer

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I'm going to take the time to watch it, especially so since their is a Mccooey among the discussing people!
This world is ruled by invisibilities or ghosts: God the Father , Christ Consciousness, the seven Spirits before the throne of God; and Satan and his legion of evil powers - Paramhansa Yogananda, Man's Eternal Quest.
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yes, it's interesting to hear some other views about spiritual expansion. The terms like "samadhi" and "cosmic consciousness" et al are more commonly used now. They even talk about "practicing"--but not how That's where it is so valuable that Master gives us actual techniques on how to "practice." Thanks, DelSol.

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