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TSV Raghavan
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Hari Bol

A true yogi, at the time of death, becomes totally tranquil by sitting in a yoga posture, and with heart purified and is mind under control realizes Brahman.

Ready to give up his life the Yogi allows the vital energies to pass away through the solar plexus (Manipura), then through the heart (Anahata), and then through the throat (Vishudha) and finally through the middle of the two eyebrows (Ajna).

Here either of the two things can happen. If he has reached the state of desire less ness then he realizes the Brahman and his vital energies reach the thousand petal lotus centre in the brain called the gateway to Brahman.

Then the yogi realizing his unity with Brahman, separates himself from his senses, sense organs, the mind and the body and passes away. Thus he achieves absolute freedom. This is called immediate liberation.
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