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Swami Ram Tirtha, OM and the American Lady

Swami Ram Tirtha, OM and the American Lady

An old American lady went to see Swami Rama in a private interview and recited her tale of domestic troubles to the Swami, and wept for hours before him, as he sat cross-legged with his eyes closed. She took him to be uncivil, when a lady was weeping and crying so bitterly and not a word of sympathy escaped his lips and not a kind look. The Swami sat before her listening yet unlistening like a stone statue: “These Indians are so impudent and proud.”

As the lady completed her story of woe, the Swami opened his eyes, looked at her… and said “Mother,” and then chanted his favourite Vedic Mantram, Om! Om!

She said to me that there burst from his eyes upon her the strange dawn of a new consciousness. “I seemed to have been lifted,” said she, “from the earth, I swam in air as a figure of light, and I felt myself the mother of the Universe. All countries were mine, all nations were my children. I was so filled with joy that I must visit India; I must see where Swami was born and bred. I must go. So I come. My joy never fails me. Oh! The word OM reverberates through my bones. The word Mother – it lifts me up to the Divine. I would fain touch his feet. I would fain lie dead in the ecstasy that he gave me. Some springs of nectar within me have burst up, the crust is broken and I am holy.”

from In Woods Of God Realization, Collected Works of Swami Ram Tirtha

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