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Padre Pio's blessing to an SRF devotee


This isn't an inspirational text but I thought it was a nice story to share with SRF Padre Pio fans:

My late friend George Madrière told me about his SRF's friend's daughter who went to get a blessing from Padre Pio. You may know how it is, when you come from a long lineage of strict catholics - people think you're different and may not always accept your strange path, but you continue to love the catholic saints. Anyway, when it was this girl's turn to get a blessing, Padre Pio told her he could see Jesus standing behind her next to Krishna and 4 Indian saints were standing behind her, too. When he described them to her, they were in the exact order as they are on the SRF altar.
On the way home, she was so thrilled to have had this reassurance from the representative of the catholic church, but so sad that her three friends sitting in the car with her had not had the opportunity of meeting Padre Pio and getting a blessing in person. She thought of Padre Pio and asked whether they could get a blessing from the catholic church, too. The car suddenly filled with the sweet smell of rose petals. They rolled down the window but could see that the smell didn't come from outside. The way George told me the story, the smell was very distinct and generous, and there had been no explainable source. The smell of roses is often experienced by worshippers of Therese of Lisieux and considered a blessing from the saint.

This is a second-hand story. Would love to hear from the person to whom this actually happened.

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Thanks for sharing that inspiring story Yogagirl.

Was it Brother Anandamoy who visited once P Pio ? From what I remember, brother A. said to P Pio that he wasnt Catholic. To this P Pio answered "Oh yes you are".
Maybe someone will remember better.
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