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Celebrating 100 years of Yogoda Satsanga Society of India (1917-2017)

Ramakrishna,be with me....Love you,Father
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Thanks - highly inspiring....what an occasion. Jai Guru!
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Yes, thank you, Sheoli, it's a very moving video.
Lovely music, too.
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Originally Posted by sheoli View Post
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Thank you. Ranchi ashram is looking more and more beautiful. Amazing to ponder how far YSS/SRF has come, when we consider how it all started with a little boy's desire to find God and share him with his friends. And how all this began in a completely different political and socio-economic environment to today. Likewise, another hundred years from today, we can let our imaginations soar to how much it will be changing, how much more rapidly and more beautifully to blossom into that vision that Babaji has for it and the world.

I think someone mentioned in another thread that it is important to pray for the saints. Let us keep SRF/YSS in our prayers that the divine plan is fulfilled. When we pray for SRF/YSS, we are also praying for all our brother and sister disciples earth-bound or otherwise, as we are all part of SRF/YSS.
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No nuns?

I haven't made it through the whole video yet, but I am wondering why there are no nuns pictured? Only monks came from SRF and so far only monks have been pictured at YSS. Surely there ARE nuns in India?!
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