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Board Usage Guidelines

To ensure an amicable, positive environment, please keep the following simple guidelines in mind when using this board:

Please do not use profanity. This is a family friendly site. Also, if posting in a language other than English, please post an English translation as a courtesy so that all Members may benefit from your post.

Respectful Behavior:

Please do not verbally insult or embarrass others, even in the heat of a debate, should a debate ensue. Be prepared to 'agree to disagree' and respect your neighbor at all times. Although this is a 'cyber' world, each Member name represents a real person with real feelings. Even the most evolved beings are tempted to snipe at times; please repress that urge should you experience it. If hard feelings result from a misunderstanding, Members are encouraged to apologize and/or forgive promptly - and move on in harmony. Please feel free to contact a Moderator if a third party is needed to mediate or reach some kind of a resolution to a misunderstanding.

Posting Limitations:

The purpose of the board is to converse and exchange. This is not an avenue for lengthy monologues. With this in mind, please do not subvert the word limit on a single post by continuing your discourse through multiple, consecutive posts. Please limit your post count to five per day. Posts per day are limited in number and length in an effort to encourage conversation, and also to allow all posts to be read before they fall off the initial screen. Finally, for each post you make, try to respond to at least three others. Please do not copy and paste articles from other websites. Links to other site articles are appropriate if introduced first by the poster so that readers know what the link is for. Please do not post links to advertisements, or advertise commercial products in signatures.

You are prohibited from using any portion of this site in order to post, send or transmit any materials which are: chain letters; multilevel marketing; pyramid schemes; junk mail (spam); solicitations of unrelated commercial business. You may offer a link to your business in the Where Needs Are Met section, but may not add links to products or commercial websites in signatures.


When considering posting copyrighted material, please reference the Fair Use clause in U.S. Copyright Law. NOTE: As per each Devotee's Agreement with Self Realization Fellowship, please DO NOT post any specific information regarding the texts or techniques outlined in and/or described in the Self Realization Fellowship Lessons.

Respect Privacy:

Please think carefully before posting any personal information. This is a public forum, meaning anyone on the World Wide Web may read it, not only SRF Devotees. Also, all Members must refrain from posting ANY personal information (names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.) not directly related to them. Each Member has the right to determine exactly what they wish to share about themselves, and no other.

Right to Suspend or Delete:

We reserve the right to delete or close posts that do not follow the board rules without warning, and suspend or delete Memberships without warning, though we will strive to provide an explanation when possible and as time permits.
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