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Smilies cut off some

This is not a big deal but I noticed that when I post, the group of smilies to the right are not all visible. I'm using IE9. I noticed that whether I have the favorites list open or not makes a difference. If the favorites are open you don't see as far to the right but even when the favorites are not open you still don't see everything completely in the group of smilies. If this is never fixed it's no big deal to me but just to make you aware of this in case you're not already aware of it you can work to get it fixed if you want to. Or maybe there's some adjustment I can do on my end to fix the problem. I'm using 1152 x 864 for the screenshots you see.

Edit entry: I just tried 1280 x 720 screen resolution and everything looks good, so you can ignore this post if you want to. If someone wants to see all the smilies in their completeness and isn't presently doing so try moving up to a higher horizontal resolution. Going from 1152 width to 1280 width fixed the problem for me.

If the text box and everything that is aligned with it was moved to the left that would work since there is a good sized margin to the left of the text box or if the box of smilies had greater vertical height and less width that could work too.
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The same holds for me. But that's because I have my display fairly large

...When I shrink my display they are all visible. They are now all visible

...Back to larger display and they are not anymore.

I control the display with CTRL+ or CTRL-

Even though I am using Firefox I know IE has the same function.
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Achieving the right screen resolution may be tricky sometimes for internet applications.
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