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Originally Posted by kuldip_divinity View Post
Does 74 kgs amount to overweight?

Just asking for fun....
What's your height?
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As a general number, no!

But that number also depends on how tall you are, right? He he

Do you like your body? Really feel good in it?

Confidence is the sexiest quality of all.
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It probably depends on who you ask, but based on your picture you don't look overweight to me. If you saw a picture of me someone might say I am too skinny. But really, based on your avatar, you are a nice looking guy. What kind of person looks at someone and says, "They are beyond the weight limit for me"? I can't help wondering. On your first date, will they have a scale waiting for you? I would say you've been spared of these fools who will only mean misery for you if you do get caught in their orbit. I would date a heavier girl if we resonated with one another. I do admit that I would not want to date someone that was actually extremely obese. At 74 kgs, I don't think you are anywhere near being that. But I guess it depends on whose making the judgement call. Most marriages appear to suck anyway, unfortunately. I've never been married, but just as an onlooker, it seems pretty awful. Best of luck to you.

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Being single has it's own awfulness, though. Life is simply cruel.
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Originally Posted by kuldip_divinity View Post

I have still not. Girls reject me based on my pictures as they see me overweight.
Kuldip, I almost believed in India being overweight was still a coveted sign of health and success and prosperity!!

Do Indian girls like guys just lean and mean or do they like a muscular look?
Or are they so sophisticated to just prefer specific combinations like muscular + ripped, brutally muscular, huge and strong?

Like the other guys told here, weight on itself is not enough to define physical corpulence.

As a matter of fact, not even the BMI (body mass index) usually used to the purpose, is much useful since many bodybuilders would turn out to be defined obese.

Anyway, you may start from your BMI:


then estimate your bodyfat:


Then maybe measure your WHR (waist to height ratio):


After the above, you have an objective idea whether or not you are corpulent and how much. You can also decide to loose some kilos and it is not so difficult once you get committed and try hard enough.

Pls post your results here.

If you decide to shed weight, there are so many options and you may ask for suggestions. At this time, I've been exploring almost all diets, especially the vegan and vegetarian ones.

Bottom line, confidence like Shannon rightly says is often crucial, and maybe your pictures do not exhibit such.

Having a professional photographer make pictures of yourself might also be a smart marketing strategy.
This world is ruled by invisibilities or ghosts: God the Father , Christ Consciousness, the seven Spirits before the throne of God; and Satan and his legion of evil powers - Paramhansa Yogananda, Man's Eternal Quest.
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