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Has anyone ever been to Mount Athos ?

Hi everyone,
By Master's grace and incredible circunstances, I will have the possiblity this summer to explore Mount Athos in Greece with my 11 year son.
This a very closed sacred mountain in Greece, with many monasteries and hermits.

My son is quite young, but I see it as a wonderfull opoortunity to live something unique together.
We will sleep there and will have the possibility to explore the place freely.
Does someone has advices, tips for what sacred places to explore ?
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I know only males are allowed to visit it. Female animals, chickens, cows, ewes, nanny-goats, mares, and sows are also barred except for female cats, female insects and female songbirds.
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Here's an interesting note from the translator of the book The Way of a Pilgrim:

"Of the pilgrimís identity nothing is known. In some way his manuscript or a copy of it came into the hands of a monk on Mount Athos in whose possession it was found by the abbot of St. Michaelís Monastery at Kazan. The abbot copied the manuscript, and from his copy the book was printed at Kazan in 1884."
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