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Brother Dharmananda's 50th Anniversary

(A letter from Bri Carl)

Dear Guys,

Brother Dharmananda will celebrate his 50th Anniversary in Master’s Ashrams in 6 weeks on August 29th.

Some of the devotees who attend the weekly conducted meditations wanted to honor Brother by giving him a booklet containing a card, notes and letters from devotees who would like to thank him for his years of service to God and Guru.

We would present the booklet to him on the Friday before his Anniversary (Friday, August 26, 2005).

If any of you would like your notes included in this booklet; please place your notes and letters on standard size paper (8 ½ x 11). Having your notes typed would be ideal and in a readable font so that Brother can easily read them. If you want, you can include a photo of yourselves. Even if you sign your names, could you also type your names so he knows who wrote the note.

A card is also going to be made which you will be able to sign. It will be available within a few weeks and you can sign it after the weekly conducted meditations.

You can email your notes and they will be printed on the standard size paper so it can be incorporated into the booklet. You can also send your papers or bring them to the weekly conducted meditations.
You can send your contribution to the booklet to Br. Carl, 16455 Old Guejito Grade Road, Escondido, CA 92027-6208 and he will give them to Al Bass who is putting the booklet together.

Everything must be submitted by Friday, August 19th so that we can complete the booklet so it can be presented to Brother on the following Friday.

Whatever you write that comes from your heart will be greatly appreciated. Brother is mainly concerned with your spiritual lives and if in any way he has helped you in this life (such as these weekly conducted meditations), this is an opportunity for you to tell him.

In Master’s love,

Br. Carl
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Anthony Plumer
Anthony Plumer
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Brother Dharmananda

Thank you. I was touched to hear about Dharmananda's 50th anniversary. I first knew him in Encinitas about 1977 when I began going to services there. A wonderful soul, and what a sense of humor! So many stories come to mind, perhaps I can share a few.

One of Brother's favorite stories was when he was scheduled to give his very first lecture as an SRF minister. At that time, SRF had the policy at their churches of putting the sunday service minister's name on the announcement board outside the church followed the topic for that sunday's service. At Brother's first sunday service the board said: Brother Dharmanada, followed by the topic, "The Root of All Evil." (I'm not making this up.)

Many years ago I attended Kriya Initiation at the Richmond Temple, Brother Dharmananda led the initiation assisted by Brother Santoshananda. I think Brother Dharmananda may have the unique distinction of being the only SRF minister that at least I have ever heard, tell a joke at a Kriya Initiation. As he was explaining the procedure to come forward and receive the Gurus' blessings as he, Dharmananda, touched each devotee at the spiritual eye, acting as an instrument for the Masters', he jokingly said, " . . . and if you don't want the blessings, I'll be happy to take them." And he laughed joyfully, a unique experience, as it seemed to only heighten the great sacred joy of the occasion.

During those years at Encinitas, we had a surprise visit one thursday for the regularly scheduled satsang by a guest: yes, Daya Mata. She was visiting the Hermitage that week, and came to the thursday evening service to be with the devotees. A treasured memory. The devotees were all phoning each other all day, it was only decided that thursday she would attend, so by that evening the church was filled to overflow! She did not arrive until about a half hour after the service began. Brother Dharmananda led the thursday service, and after the opening prayer, etc. He laughingly said, I didn't know my talks were so popular! When Daya Mata arrived she entered through a side door into the front of the church (I swear that I could feel the Om vibration when she arrived and came in!). She was like a little child, and said to Brother, "where would you like me to sit". He replied, "anywhere you want." Great laughter!

She gave a beautful satsang, and then afterwards she went down the middle aisle and slowly and with great love, shook everyone's hand, aisle by aisle by aisle. There were hundreds present. And she chatted continually while doing this. I was very impressed and touched. And Brother Dharmananda's spiritual humility and humor and devotion added also so much to this cherished experience.

You may share these stories if you like. I may not be able to add anything to your remembrance, but perhaps you could write my name in one of the cards: Anthony Plumer

With kindest thoughts and blessings, AP
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