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~Love and Blessings~
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Astral Projection

Has anyone here ever had an experience with astral projection?

I've only had two experiences, neither of them too successful...
one of them I was meditating, felt like I was vibrating and then it felt like a CRASH. Really weird.

The other, I'm not entirely sure if it was astral projection or a dream...but I saw myself floating...then I "woke up." Again, I'm not sure if I did project, or if I was just dreaming.

What's the best way that I can have a successful projection?

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Hi Jenna,

Nobody has replied to you so i thought i would give it a shot.

best way to AP? Lie on your back motionless until you feel your body go numb (which is similar to sleep paralysis without the fear etc) without falling asleep and throughout really want to have an out of body experience.

That is about it!

for more details check out the Saltcube website forum and video on Youtube.

I don't know why, but sitting upright isn't conducive to leaving the body, and while the yogi wants to transcend body consciousness she doesn't want to leave the body completely. How, otherwise, would you be able to do your kriyas?
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Thumbs up astral projection

hi jenna

what meditation technique you following , i didnt experience , but great technique kriya yoga try that ......

divinie friends
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In the middle of some dream, suddently my body starts floating in air and whirls with very high speed. I get confused and try to control the body but to no avail as I was not able to control it. This has been happening since many years and I could not find the mystery of this floating task. After I started meditation 2 years back, the frequency increased. Though I am asleep, I clearly experience these movements am mostly aware of it when happening. The only difference is my body consciousness is completely off at that time, as I dont know that I am in sleep, I am not awake.

3 days back, I was in a dream and suddenly I started floating and whirling on the roof of a room like a sealing fan. The movement was very rapid. I somehow felt to use my will power to control my body and within fraction of a second it was in my control but was ready to jump into air at any moment again. I could sense it. At this moment I got wake up due to a disturbance, I realised that i was flying only in my dream.

When I slipped back into sleep again after few seconds, there was no dream but I could feel myself cruising more faster than a rocket in an endless space. I was in no dream so realised that I was in astral body. I was worried where to search and how to go back to my physical body. Then I remembered in a video I saw about astral travel, they mentioned that there is an energy cord that binds the physical and astral bodies. So, where ever astral body goes it will have a subtle energy link back to the physical body. I used my will and concentration on that cord. In a fraction of a second, I am back to the physical body. This is the first time I did astral travel consciously if it is really an astral travel. I still admire the capability of the astral body. How week and static this physical body is in comparision with our astral one.

Now I know why I used to fly in middle of the dreams. My astral body was trying to travel out of the physical when my mind is awake and body is asleep.

I dont know if I can share these things with you people. But why is this so difficult in meditation? Sitting erect, It is difficult to get away from body consciousness.

Please let me know if any one had similar experiences. Also share your views on how to get rid of this body consciousness in meditation. Incase if this happens again in future, please tell me how to use the astral travel for our spiritual benefits. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

in divine friendship,

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