This online community is intended for all Devotees of Paramahansa Yogananda no matter their age, race, creed, political party, sexual orientation, country of birth, religion or organizational affiliation. This board is also open to all visitors - whether they are Devotees at present or not - who are interested in or share the concept of soul progression through right living, love, humanity, humility, oneness, tolerance, discipline, devotion, meditation and yoga. If any Member does not feel comfortable in this environment, or is seeking an online community limited to a particular set of people, those Members are encouraged to find a board more suited to their need.

As an open community, the most important Guideline related to Tolerance.

All Members are asked to please refrain from:

* Disparaging any organization, group, individual or spiritual entity through speech or innuendo – even if the intentions in doing so are well meant.

* Posting links to any articles, web sites, texts or images that are critical in nature towards any organization, group, individual or spiritual entity – whether the information presented is ‘true’ or not.

* Encouraging debates that focus on our differences in a negative fashion, rather than highlighting sameness in a positive light.

Our purpose here is to create a safe, loving environment – as free of negative vibrations as possible - where people of like beliefs may share fellowship and celebrate life. Others have a calling to ‘educate’, ‘share information about others’ or ‘expose the negative actions of others to bring about enlightenment’. If this is your calling, and it requires you to practice the art of reproach in any form, I must ask you to please consider doing that elsewhere; not because I disagree or have any opinion on the subject, but because the emotional and defensive feelings it often generates directly impedes the goal of this board. If a post is discovered that does not follow the guidelines above, it will unfortunately be deleted.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact us.