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Gift Shops

~ Sivana Spirit

Sivana Spirit is the perfect place to gift shop, or treat yourself to something special. They offer everything from ‘Om’ t-shirts to jewelry. Visitors may order online or request a mail order catalog. Happy shopping!

~ Stillpoint Creations (The Original Silk and Wool Meditation Blanket)

Stillpoint Creations specializes in handmade meditation blankets, crafted exactly as advised by Paramahansa Yogananda. Each blanket is made of silk and wool, and is large enough to cover an entire chair along with extra fabric for the feet. Beauty, usefulness and inspiration, all wrapped up in one item. Orders are accepted via an online shopping cart.


~ Heart's Awakening, by Eduardo Flores

"Raised in the Andes of Ecuador, I spent 22 years as a monk in the Self-Realization Fellowhsip Monastic order in California." Eduardo Flores is making his message of living in the present moment and communicating from the heart available to a wide audience through workshops and individual healing sessions. Please visit his website for more details.

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~ Lotus Petals Spiritual Journeys

"Welcome! Join our SRF Pilgrimage 2/28-3/18, 2006 to beautiful exotic friendly India. Stay in beautiful hotels-Visit Calcutta, Dakshineswar, shrines to Ramakrishna and Mother Theresa, Sri Yukteswar's shrine in Puri, Ranchi for Mahasamadhi service, Taj Mahal, Mathura-birthplace of Krishna, Dwarahat, hike to Babaji's Cave and Durga temple in Springtime, and Corbett Nat'l Wildlife Park."

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Writers & Poets

~ St. Lynn's Press

Publications that will focus on Eco-spirituality, Organic Living, Dharmic Business, Health and Healing.

~ The Little Star's Journey

A healing metaphor of hope and love for those of Master's disciples who endure struggles and difficulties, written and illustrated by a long-time devotee, Natalie Hale.

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~ Steve Hydonus

Steve is an inspired, talented musician who has continuously pushed the limits of rhythm and rhyme.  His talent and fervor for music is only surpassed by his humbleness and

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Message Boards

~ A meeting place for devotees of Paramahansa Yogananda; part of this website. Light hearted, positive atmosphere with members from all over the world, including friends from India, Canada, South America and Europe.

~ Large, friendly online community with frequent posts on multiple topics. was one of the first, and may be the oldest, online community for devotees.

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Visual Arts

~ La Mar Fine Art

Plein air oil paintings and lithograph reproductions by artist D. Marie La Mar. Marie's paintings are absolutely georgous, full of rich colors and spiritual depth. She has chosen many of our favorite Self-Realization Fellowship locations as her inspiration, and offers several in full color lithograph form for extremely reasonable prices. Please do visit her site today. You will not regret your visit.

~ Philips Fine Art

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