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~ Steve Hydonus

Steve is an inspired, talented musician who has continuously pushed the limits of rhythm and rhyme.  His talent and fervor for music is only surpassed by his humbleness and humility.  Steve attributes most of his success to other influential people and ideas in his life.  Get to know Steve and the people and ideas that influence him by visiting his site.

~ Heart Centered Music, Presenting the music of Timmaris McDowell

If you are an admirer of Timmaris McDowell’s voice, or have yet to discover it, please visit her web site for a charming experience. Her devotional voice reverberates deep within the soul, delighting the ears and lifting the spirit. Timmaris offers recordings in English and Spanish. Her web site contains several sound samples, as well as a printable order form to purchase CDs and cassettes. For those who may not know, Timmaris is the creator of the beautiful collection known as ‘Marisha’, cherished by Paramahansa Yogananda Devotees for over 30 years.

~ Master Peace, from the Cosmic Chants of Paramahansa Yogananda

Full orchestral arrangements of Yogananda's "Comsic Chants", created by Larry Leeder and available on CD via the website. Samples are availabe for easy listening, including "My Krishna is Blue", "Hymn to Brahma" and "Deliver us From Delusion", among others.

~ Roses Roses Ensemble

A Yahoo! Group dedicated to Pat Ryan's kirtan group Roses Roses Ensemble, which performs instrumental versions of Paramahansa Yogananda's Cosmic Chants, traditional kirtans and Bhajans in the San Francisco and Bay Areas.

 ~ Patrick Recob, Blues Bassist & Vocalist

Patrick's site contains a list of his live tour dates, a biography, and a 'letters' section akin to an online blog. Be sure to stop by and sign Patrick's guestbook - let him know you were there.

~ Juan Avila, Modern Mayan Productions

Jaun’s website describes him as a “composer, musician, and storyteller” but my ears heard pure poetry. His ‘style’ is difficult to describe, especially after hearing only three samples (downloadable MP3s via his website) but the words ‘exotic’, ‘eclectic’ and ‘absorbing’ come to mind. The smooth and classy ‘Sleeping Giant’ first tickles your ears, then your brain with its almost rap-like rhythm and lyrics - before melting into a soft and dreamy dance. His biography is made rich by a cross-cultural upbringing and ‘gigs’ in a variety of roles and places– a joy to read. CDs are available for purchase through his site.

~ Music in Progress, Official Home Page of Eric Ragno

I was delighted to stumble upon the site of Eric Ragno; a professional keyboardist with a hard-rock vibe and an ample recording history. Eric is credited on the album covers of several bands and has also done TV and radio appearances. What I like most about his site, aside from the music which is vast in style and energy (powerful!), is that he freely offers many MP3 samples to visitors, including several ‘works in progress’. Although I have just discovered this artist, I look forward to spending luxury-time browsing and ‘listening’ in the future.