Visual Arts

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~ La Mar Fine Art

Plein air oil paintings and lithograph reproductions by artist D. Marie La Mar. Marie's paintings are absolutely georgous, full of rich colors and spiritual depth. She has chosen many of our favorite Self-Realization Fellowship locations as her inspiration, and offers several in full color lithograph form for extremely reasonable prices. Please do visit her site today. You will not regret your visit.

~ Philips Fine Art

Beautiful paintings by devotee Susan Philips. Her site offers samples of her work, including a series of lovely seascapes and a portrait of Yoganandaji.

~ Krishna Concepts

"A unique collection of post-modern paintings and carvings depicting Bhagavan Krishna, by Christiane Lavedan." Incomperable style and craftsmanship; the artwork Christiane offers is a 'must see'. Her pieces are bold and powerful, commanding attention, contemplation and inspiration. Each piece has several 'web views' in close-up which allow you to truly appreciate the depth of detail. Beautiful.

~ Claudio Edinger, Photographer

Experience the world through the eyes of Claudio Edinger, professional photographer whose clients include several top television, magazine and news organizations. His photos are transporting and mesmorizing. The web site is beautifully designed and easy to navigate.